A picture is worth a 1,000 words. See for yourself. The picture is located below this short copy.
Have you ever owned a financial product that returned you +29% every year for 23 years in a row?
Forget about life insurance as dying and dig your policies out and let’s see if I can turn them into beachfront property values.
Look at my case below. The return at  life expectancy of age 90 is 17.68% TAX-FREE compounded for 23 years in a row. 
COMPARE THE LEFT SIDE of the illustration (before He Met Us) and the RIGHT SIDE (AFTER We Fixed it)
You would need to get 29.5% annually in a taxable account (40% bracket) for 23 years in a row to match this after tax return of 17.68% (RIGHT SIDE)!  
What if I can create or turn what you own into this type of math? I can generally help 4 of 5 people just like you.
Would you want me to give you a second opinion?
If your mildly interested just email david@thesecretasset.com or  call my cell 619-921-6560.
Before & After 7

The USS Midway veterans association was the host a their 2017 annual banquet on the USS Midway flight deck. Three attendees received the distinguished medal and they were age 99, 95 and finally “Big Mike” at the young age of 91. I am sure the US Navy and The USS Midway officers and crew helped shape the character and wisdom that is the backbone of “Big Mike” in The Secret Asset. Dad and DD Midway

Danica talks about who the only person who shows up with a check…when you need it most!


Ok, Big Mike is 85 and Mom turns 80 real soon. So where is their favorite place in the world to travel…Las Vegas. Every year since I went to college at The University of Redlands Las Vegas is on their itinerary for 2-5 weeks a year.

No, not days, weeks. Really!

Rememeber, what Mike says in The Secret Asset, “The person who controls the math, controls the deal.”

One of my great memories ringing the bell to open the American Stock Exchange. 1 minute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12DH_m24BLY

Ringing The Bell On American Stock Exchange

The Bucket Story has to be one of the most compelling metaphors for the pursuit and maintainence of wealth told in just 7 minutes. Just watch for yourself and send to a friend. Did you start in Bucket #2 before racking up losses and then going back to bucket #1? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHmc24LTPTI

One of The Greatest Stories Ever Told

1 minute video from a real Estate seminar I spoke at hosted by Monica Reynolds and Walter Sanford back in the 90’s. If you lok close you will recognize Terri Murphy and others. Thank you Scott Laing for making it all happen… Scott and you are still one of the biggest strategic connectors of people.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm1DMO_0bmY

In the book I mention that I talk to my brother Tom pictured here almost every day and sometimes twice for the last 20 years. In the picture Tom stands in front of the pool at out hotel while on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in the early 1990’s. It’s been a while since I saw this one and at first I thought it was our Key West Florida trip from the 1980’s.

I like to say we grew up with a lot of love and No money. The truth is we always ran out of money before we ran out of month but we were happy as anyone could possibly want because of the leadership of Big Mike and mom.

It started me thinking about a conversation I had with a financially strong client who huffed and puffed about setting up a financial life insurance plan for his children. As a matter of fact he said something like this, “We have given those kids enough, let them make their own money etc etc etc!”

I had a great verbal exchange that ended positively with a plan where the kids got The Best Of Both Worlds — All the love and great parenting anyone could ever want along the way and a legacy plan funded by life insurance, at the parents death, to give the children a strong financial head start.

 My brothers and I never had a financial head start and we would never wish that on any of our children as long as we have the resources.

We are intelligently leaving love and money. 

Brother Tom in Australia



Big Mike and mom in the book are in real life my dad and mom. Here they are dancing up a storm and living and loving it. Mom was the last of 11 children and Big Mike has one brother. As you learn in the book with big Mike it’s all about the math…”math does not lie” as Big Mike would say and that theme holds true throughout the book as Big Mike digs into the reality of numbers and multi million dollar decisions.

Living La Vida Loca