Take a moment and download the free chapter and read a few of the quotes from insurance agents and consumers who have read the early version of The Secret Asset. Then carefully read each persons heartfelt comments. Thank you to everyone and here’s a toast to making, “good decisions.” 

It’s like being in the dark or days imagining what what your surrounding look like until someone finally turns the lights on. At first, its hard to see and then your eyes adjust and everything come back into a beautiful focus. Colors are brighter, smells are stronger and your not searching around clueless in the dark.

In Chapter 3 of The Secret Asset I culminate a story between Big Mike and myself where I pull back the curtain and expose the wizard, so to speak — in this chapter I lay out one of the most revealing facts and compelling mathematics that help contribute to life insurance becoming one of the best performing assets you could ever own, contrary to what most people have been taught, and the compelling reason you would buy 100% of your allowable capacity if it was possible.

Big Mike, my dad, is fun to get one over on so I drew out the story for maximum impact until finally he demanded, “Okay. Stop torturing me and tell me already.” Don’t miss this compelling fact in chapter 3 ending on pages 25-26 of “The Secret Asset”.