David D’Arcangelo

David D’Arcangelo is a recognized author, speaker, and insurance expert who has spent almost three decades helping people achieve financial success. A master financial strategist, he has performed at both corporate and national events, sharing the stage with such well-known speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Anthony Robbins, Barbara Bush, and General Norman Schwarzkopf.

David is the former host of the TV show Money Talk on the PRIMESTAR satellite TPN channel. His published books and programs include The 49 Hottest Home-Based Business Tax Strategies, Wealth Talk, Money Smart,  Wealth Starts at Home, published by McGraw-Hill and his most recent book, The Secret Asset released in 2011.

In 1990, David co-founded The Financial Destiny Companies with Anthony Robbins. He later went on to serve as chairman and founder of Entreport Corporation and as president and director of AMS Health Sciences, Inc., both of which were listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Currently, David is president of The D’Arcangelo Companies, a diversified company delivering business marketing, training, and consulting services. The D’Arcangelo Companies is an industry innovator working in combination with life insurance agents internationally to provide superior strategies and insurance products for individuals, affluent families, and business owners.

David received a BA in economics/business administration from the University of Redlands, where he was a former All-American football player and inductee into the university’s hall of fame. He currently resides in Solana Beach, California, with his wife, Carrie; daughter, Ava Bella; and their three beagles, Tina, Sammy, and Rascal-although he remains true to his Boston roots by continuing to be a die-hard fan of the Boston Celtics,Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and New England Patriots.

Why David Wrote “The Secret Asset”

I sold my day-to-day business to a division of a New York Stock Exchange company in 2003. I went on to build a number of businesses, write books and training programs, host a TV show, and ultimately, become the founder and chairman of one American Stock Exchange company and the president of another.

For the past several years, I’ve used the knowledge I gained and the success I’ve had making the family in this book more than $150 million-to help people make more money with less risk. I realized that I could reach more people by putting all this knowledge into a book so people like you could fully understand why investment-grade life insurance is one of the greatest assets you have for building family wealth.

While “bad information leads to bad decisions,” the opposite can just as easily be true. So here’s  to truly “good information” on investment-grade life insurance. I’ve written this book using a fictional family, which closely resembles my own, to illustrate the various strategies and techniques involved in this genuine “revolution.” It is my sincere hope that you not only enjoy the book, but also learn and apply it to your life and family-that you may make “good decisions” buying investment-grade life insurance.