The Secret Asset

Regardless of whether your net worth is $100,000 or $1 billion, you can create and perpetuate previously unimaginable amounts of wealth for you and your family. How? Through what financial and insurance expert David D’Arcangelo calls ìthe secret asset. The family you are about to meet may be fictitious, but the insurance strategies used are not. In fact, they’re the same ones David employed to help his parents, grandparents, and brothers generate over $150 million in additional net worth.

In The Secret Asset, you’ll understand how:

  • We made $12 million for Big Mike’s parents;
  • We used the $1.3 million cash in the policy on Mom’s parents to generate a future gift of $12 million to the University of Redlands;
  • We helped my brother Michael and his children generate over $33million in estimated tax-free income for a little over $3.5 million;
  • We turned Eva’s $1 million into $2 million after doubling her annual income;
  • We created Big Mike’s pension rescue strategy, which generated $12 million; and
  • We turned Big Mike and Mom’s estimated $35 million estate tax into a $182 million tax-free windfall.

Add it all up, and our family generated over $150 million in new cash—with a secret asset called investment-grade life insurance.

The next step is up to you. Imagine what your money tree could look like when you replace my family with your own.

About My Family

To demonstrate how these investment-grade life insurance policies can be used, I’ve created a typical all-American, middle-class family covering four generations – grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren.

The book is written in the first person and narrated by one of the children who happens to be a financial strategist – me. I demonstrate how investment grade life insurance made our family over $150 million dollars – a return so big you’d think it was the Gross National Product of a small third-world republic. Yes, a nine-figure return!

The story starts with a fairly simple moneymaking adventure with the grandparents, shifts to the parents, and finally to my brother and his children. This smart, successful family wanted to create a family legacy with a lot more cash at every level of the family tree. They figured out a strategy that allowed them to make money coming and going. They did the math and realized they could get a safer, better rate of return on their money by buying investment-grade life insurance on every member of the family.

The only piece that is left out of the story is what your money tree could look like when you replace my family with your own. Just imagine!

Meet the Family Behind the Book