David asks,How much life insurance would you buy if life insurance had NO cost?

For example, here’s a few idea’s to get you thinking:

  • If you have children or grandchildren — Use your tax-free annual gift exclusion up to $15,000 per spouse per year to fund a TAX-FREE  retirement income up to $1,400,000 annually per child for 15 years…that’s up to $21,000,000 TAX-FREE!
  • Lock in joint-life policies (second-to-die) with just 1 premium payment year 1 and NO PREMIUMS for up to 20 years. 100% premium money back bail-out year 15 — This is 100% net-zero-cost premium money!  
  • Do you own investments? Do you pay taxes? Why? Take advantage of the IRS code section 7702 that gives TAX-DEFERRED Investing and TAX-FREE Withdrawal benefits to the life insurance industry. My brother Michael put away $50,000 per year for 20 years and withdrew an estimated $432,000 annually tax free for 15 years. That’s $6.4 Million!
  • Did you know that the IRS could end up with up to 70% of your hard earned pension money. Rescue Your Pension Money – FAST: Learn how one client can turn taxable pension money into a $15.8 million legacy.


Look, I get it. Many people don’t like or buy life insurance, and gener­ally the ones who do don’t buy enough, are under-insured, or worse, don’t take the financial rewards seriously enough. And I know that talk­ing about life insurance can be creepy. But this is what I say to people when they say they don’t want to buy life insurance: “I know you don’t, but . . . do you like making money?” A lot has changed in the life insurance business since I sold my original business in 1993 and came back into it. And, quite frankly, these changes are so radical and could have a profound effect on every American family, regardless of their worth, that I’m shocked so few people even know about it, much less understand it. Hopefully, one day everyone will. The wealthy are always ahead of the curve when it comes to using vari­ous financial tools and services. How do you think old money got that way? And today, the wealthy are buying investment-grade life insurance just like they would any other prized asset. It’s no different to them than buying real estate or stocks and bonds on the cheap.

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