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Answers to Eight Frequently Asked Questions


What topics does David speak about?
Go to the Program Topics section.

What are his fees?
Contact us for a fee quote.

How does he handle travel arrangements?
Travel arrangements are made by David or David’s assistant from our office. Please reserve David a king, non-smoking room, in the hotel of the event, and to have it billed to the client’s master account, with confirmation sent to our office. If you have specific questions about David’s travel to your event, please contact us.

Can we purchase David’s book(s) in bulk or get a customized version? How?
Yes, there is bulk pricing as noted in the shopping section of the site and bulk purchases are available for marketing promotions and premiums. Special editions, including personalized covers, illustrations, excerpts of existing books, and corporate imprints, can be created in large quantities for special needs. For more information, e-mail us at

Another option is that arrangements can be made to have David’s products available in your bookstore or on-site.
When can I book David? Is he available on my date?
Call 619-921-6560 or e-mail us for availability at

Can I see him on stage before I hire him?
Have you seen David’s video? Click here.

By what process does David tailor his material?
David prefers to tailor presentations based on your company’s objectives. This process starts with an interview over the phone or in person. David considers the integration of your message and or products as the driver of his presentation. This process is both compelling and seamless.

Why should I hire David?
David has been speaking professionally since he co-founded The Financial Destiny Group of companies in 1990, the TV show “Money Talk” for five years beginning in 1995 and through his tenure as the leader of two American Stock Exchange companies. David is still an active marketing consultant and sales professional in the life insurance industry and not someone who was active 10 years ago and now just sells a lot of books and tapes. David speaks from the first person in one of the most content rich money per minute programs you will ever hear. You won’t find another speaker who your audience will identify with immediately. This fast paced program punctuated with real life stories will educate, entertain and Wow your audience. If your goal is sales and productivity enhancement for your sales team you will win big. If you goal is for consumers audience members to walk away with newly acquired paradigm shifting profound knowledge you will win big. David has the motivational skill to move your participants toward organizational goals. Many groups benefit from using David for more than one presentation at your event.