Retail or Wholesale Buyer?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. See for yourself. The picture is located below this short copy.
Have you ever owned a financial product that returned you +29% every year for 23 years in a row?
Forget about life insurance as dying and dig your policies out and let’s see if I can turn them into beachfront property values.
Look at my case below. The return at  life expectancy of age 90 is 17.68% TAX-FREE compounded for 23 years in a row. 
COMPARE THE LEFT SIDE of the illustration (before He Met Us) and the RIGHT SIDE (AFTER We Fixed it)
You would need to get 29.5% annually in a taxable account (40% bracket) for 23 years in a row to match this after tax return of 17.68% (RIGHT SIDE)!  
What if I can create or turn what you own into this type of math? I can generally help 4 of 5 people just like you.
Would you want me to give you a second opinion?
If your mildly interested just email or  call my cell 619-921-6560.
Before & After 7
Posted by: david on February 15, 2018
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